Kojo Idrissa

A Tale of Two Pythons: Growing Contribution Through Coding Inclusion

Audience: All


In this talk I'll look at people joining our community who aspire to do two different, yet equally valid, styles of coding: - Programming: *people writing code alone, for themselves, that's meant to run on their own machines, under their supervision* - Software Engineering: *people writing code in teams, meant to be run on other people's machines, without supervision* Increases in computing power, dropping computer prices and the rise of data science have all led to an increase in people using Python for the "Programming" style of code. Yet our community often points to Professional Software Engineering as the "proper" way to code. I'll demonstrate that these styles can both be done with basic or advanced Python. After that, I'll look at practices that may benefit one, but not the other, discuss when there may be shifts between the two, and examine how we as existing community members can help guide new members down the path that best fits their goals. This maximizes their chance for success and our chance to add new contributors to our community. Let's not forget: Python is a FLOSS project. We need all the help we can get. This is especially true now that our BDFL has stepped down. Remember, all software engineers are programmers, but all programmers don't need to be software engineers. But some programmers may become software engineers.