Jessie Hedges

Find Your Culture Fit

Audience: All


Finding your next job can be a nerve-wracking process for many reasons. How do I evaluate a job offer for fairness and culture fit? Does this company have policies and offer benefits that are inclusive? Will I have the support and mentorship I need to advance my career? Will I be treated fairly with respect to promotions and opportunities? These are important topics to many of us who want to succeed in an industry whose prevailing demographics leave us underrepresented, Objectives: * Present the current challenges women and other underrepresented groups face in the industry at all levels. * Describe the visible indicators of companies that value and measure diversity and inclusion efforts. * Discuss tactics and resources a job seeker can use to research a company's culture. * Present examples of questions a job seeker can ask during the interview process, and learn how to evaluate common answers. * Present ideas on how to be a better ally in the workplace to those in underrepresented groups.