Ivan Torroledo

Building next generation writers using AI

Audience: Intermediate


This talk is based on the research paper DeepPhish: Simulating AI (https://bit.ly/2LH3jYQ), where it was designed an AI text generator capable to create URLs to bypass an AI phishing detection system. Using this theory, we are going to present an alternative application of natural language processing. Specifically, we will show how to build an AI text generator capable to learn the writing style of most famous writers and even capable to create its own style. The talk is design to cover from most basic natural language processing concepts, main techniques for text preprocessing to finally apply the these concepts to design our first AI powered writer. Outline Introduction: 3 min NLP fundamentals: 7 min Data preprocessing: 6 min Building an AI text generator: 10 min Examples: 6 min Total time: 32 min